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Melanie Bacon for Island County Commissioner - District One, Whidbey Island
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Why is Melanie Running?

In her own words:

"I feel deeply committed to serve as a devoted caretaker of this amazing place known as Island County. Having spent the last nine years working intimately with the Board of Island County Commissioners, and living on Whidbey, I wish to continue the forward movement of both sense and compassion established by Helen Price-Johnson and other community leaders."

What Will Melanie Do as County Commissioner to Secure the Future of Island County?
  • Create and nurture smart government. Accepting the reality of Island County resources, it becomes more vital than ever in 2020 that we maximize ways to develop new methods and best practices in a variety of areas. Citizens deserve a knowledgeable and responsive government, and therefore, county processes must be made more accessible in a manner that utilizes the latest and best advances in interactive website technology.

  • Actively work with local government and relevant stakeholders to wisely manage Island County growth. Citizens are deeply concerned about housing and jobs, but there is also concern that overly aggressive growth will negatively impact them. Melanie realizes that a balance must be struck that allows for necessary growth without impugning the "quality of life" or environmental integrity of the islands.

  • Establish a priority on environmental common sense. Citizens want clean beaches and water, healthy woods, abundant bird and animal life, and clean, safe trails and parks in which to enjoy them. We know we live in a magical place, and we want our government to preserve and enhance our pleasure in living here. In short, we must have a sensible climate action plan.

  • Assure that other important issues affecting Island County's future do not go by the wayside. For example, our superb public transportation options must always remain available to those who need it most. Each year a new threat to Island Transit looms despite it being a tremendous service to all citizens who use it, and even those who don't (who enjoy decreased road congestion as a result). Melanie will not only hold the line on countering any challenges to public transportation, but search for new ways to improve it.

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